It’s been a while

So yeah, I do not do well with remembering to blog. Life has been hectic and I do not forsee it getting any easier on me in the near future. Between being sick, not wanting to eat, and just every day stress, I’m barely able to stay calm anymore.

So what has me so stressed?

My therapist I see normally twice a month went on vacation and I can’t see her until next week to do our talk session. Boy I can’t wait.

I’ve been fussed at for NOT stepping up to help out around the house…um, hello… I’ve been sick since July 1st.

My parents don’t understand my anxiety about job interviews and such. My heart is racing at the mere thought of job interviews/fairs.

Well, I gotta finish getting ready for my appointment that is in less than an hour. I will try to do another blog this afternoon about a wonderful author I’m reading.


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