Monday morning…Not so Blue

Well, it’s my not favorite day of the week…Monday. But hey, it would’ve come whether I wanted it to or not. How are y’all doing?

Today I wanted to feature one of the beautiful writers that I’ve been following and reading.

Her name is Gloria Herrmann and she’s the author of the Cloverleaf Series and she’s got a couple other books that are either in the works are out already.

Her links are:

FB (to friend):


FB (Author Page):



Those are just some of her links. She’s got some groups up on facebook that I know she’d love for you to check out.

The Cloverleaf series is about a group of Irish brothers and their sister as they find love through various obstacles in their lives.

Loving Liam is the  first book in the series and it is where I fell in love with Gloria’s writing and the O’Brien family. I love Liam to death. But I also love Rachel. Rachel defies her parents wishes (yes, she is an adult) and she goes to a small town in the PNW (Pacific North West) to become the principal of a smaller school. Little did she know that she would eventually fall in love with one of the teachers at her school.

Maggie’s Marriage is next. We first meet Maggie in Loving Liam and I have to say, to have a sort of connection with the main character, I didn’t connect. That connection is the unsure, confused, want what’s best for everyone else first then worry about myself, and finally, afraid of being hurt. This book takes us on the journey of a couple trying to save their marriage for the sake of themselves as well as for their two children.

Patrick’s Promise is third. I’m working on this one so I’ll give a brief summary and move on to #4 which will be out this summer. Anyway, Patrick is struggling with raising a set of twins after losing his wife (she died while having the twins). This book takes us on a journey with Patrick as he struggles to accept the love of another woman and we’ll see if he can find it in his heart to love another woman.

Book #4 will be about Daniel and it’s coming out this summer so I’ll blab about it once I am able to get my hands on it.

Before I forget, here is Gloria’s actual website if you want to check it out.

If you friend/like her on FB, tell her Brittany highly recommended that you check her works out.




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